Jonathan Kaylor

Speaker, Trainer & Advocate for front line employees


I want a less polarized world, one where we seek to understand other's perceptions in order to find common ground.


Understanding those perceptions, especially ones that I may not agree with, does not make me weak or threaten my own beliefs, in fact it helps to clarify and strengthen my own value system.


Issues are rarely as simple as black or white, right or wrong, us or them. I choose to celebrate the areas of gray where common ground lives and where I find compassion, love and understanding.

Core Values

Celebrating the gray is complex and takes COURAGE.

Courage to embrace my own discomfort and be VULNERABLE enough to listen to the perceptions of others.

Courage to have enough HUMILITY to admit that I do not have all the answers.

Courage to be UNSELFISH enough to find compromises, contribute to solutions, and solve problems that help others.

What we do

Customer retention and loyalty are built through human to human interaction and front line employees are not being equipped with the proper skills and techniques to be successful.

As a result, companies are missing out on profitability from their existing customer base.  

I am a speaker, teacher and coach that can inspire businesses, managers and front line employees to embrace the areas of gray and connect emotionally with their customers, and each other, to build customers for life.    



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